I’m not a big breakfast person. I think we’re not meant to eat that early in the morning so I try to put it off ’til I basically just give into my stomach’s growls.

That being said I do enjoy a really good breakfast. I mean who wouldn’t! I don’t even need a big variety of options, just need one very good one.

And that I got last Sunday. T. was kind enough to give into my demands and make me crepes.

And they are just pure and utter enjoyment. Such a simple treat but such a delight. Only added some rasberry jam and a tiny drizzle of honey. And they made my day 💕

And I think it’s only fair for others to get to enjoy this so here’s the recipe we used!

2 eggs

5 dl milk

about 3 dl of flour

1/2 teaspoon of salt

1-2 tablespoons of oil ( like rapeseed oil)

Whisk the eggs, then add milk and flour. Add salt and oil. Remember to whisk well. Then just cook away and enjoy!




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