I love, love, love reading. I read everything from tweets to books, from articles to blogs. Work-related, political, culture, travel and other fun stuff too.

My work communication is mainly very business oriented so I decided to blog as a counterbalance. Just put some of my thoughts down and not worry about who, if anybody, takes the time to read my short pieces. And then somebody liked my post.

And then another and another… The pressure was on! Nothing compared to the real good bloggers, but a big deal for me. So I started to worry more about what I write and what pictures to use and how it all looks. I started checking my stats daily and taking pride in every like my posts got.

I also started to stalk my favorite bloggers. And then the envy struck! They are so good, proper bloggers! How could I compare? After some soul searching I decided that I shouldn’t compare at all! Every blog is an expression of that person, their thoughts and desires. We all write for different reasons and purposes and mine are just as valid as the next bloggers.

Letting go of the envy has not been easy though. It still raises its ugly head sometimes, but I’m learning to cope with it, not to obsess, not to worry! There’s light at the end of the tunnel, especially on a sunny spring day like this.



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