Been doing a lot of cooking lately, not just throwing stuff on a plate, but real, proper cooking. We plan the menu for a few days, go shopping for ingredients and then almost always cook something else! But since we do plan our grocery shopping, we always have the ingredients for everything.

The tortillas are always a big success. Mine are made with soybeanmeal bites. They’re cooked, then coated with a spice mix and then baked in the oven @ 200°c (400°f). It’s been so long since I’ve eaten chicken that I don’t remember, but T. says they have the same texture and taste. I really don’t care, all I know is that they’re delicious!

And we did some experimenting too. Had some leftover mashed potato and carrots and didn’t feel like just re-heating it ( I think the taste is off the second time around ). T. had the bright idea of making potato pancakes and as I love both potatoes and pancakes, I was all for it! And they were gooood! The texture needs a bit of work, we added an egg and some flour and spices, and they were too mild and dense, but the flavor was glorious 😍


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