Cold ass summer

So this summer has been horrible! I only mean that the weather has been horrible. Othwerwise I've had a good summer, the best of my life actually. I got married to my dream man. The funniest, sweetest and most handsome man ever. We eloped, just the two of us and now we're paying for it. … Continue reading Cold ass summer


Couples weekend part deux

That is a picture of our friends new puppy, 7-month old Ansa. She is so lovely and loving, not a mean bone in her body. I am very allergic so I had to take a lot of pills before hand but it was worth it to be able to give Ansa a cuddle. After we … Continue reading Couples weekend part deux

Couples weekend

So this weekend we spend some time with friends we haven't seen in a while. Everybody's always busy, they just got a new puppy and this and that. But once we locked last saturday into our calenders, we wanted to make the most of it! That ment cooking dinner, drinking wine and laughing our asses … Continue reading Couples weekend