My cooking blunder

I made a mistake and a big one at that. I nearly ruined my risotto and I'm famous for my risotto, I kid you not! I learned my risotto recipe from a very good friend who know just about everything when it comes to food. She taught this recipe to me several years back and … Continue reading My cooking blunder



Been doing a lot of cooking lately, not just throwing stuff on a plate, but real, proper cooking. We plan the menu for a few days, go shopping for ingredients and then almost always cook something else! But since we do plan our grocery shopping, we always have the ingredients for everything. The tortillas are always a … Continue reading Dinnertime

Couples weekend

So this weekend we spend some time with friends we haven't seen in a while. Everybody's always busy, they just got a new puppy and this and that. But once we locked last saturday into our calenders, we wanted to make the most of it! That ment cooking dinner, drinking wine and laughing our asses … Continue reading Couples weekend